domingo, 16 de setembro de 2012

I won't Give Up

Well, maybe you was asking to yourself: Why She is writing in English. First because I need practice, and finally because I was thinking in English. I believe if this happened why the influence of the movies and series. Lastly, let's get down to business.
I won't give up, I pledge in keep fighting for you, doesn't matter what happens, I will love you, and I will make you get back to the first love. And we will get back together, to home, to God. Because on my  more darkness side I believe, and I'm sure about you, I know if you are a man from God. Me and all our familly are praying for you night and day, no rest.
You are included in the planes from the God one time, so you can stay again.
I believe if you has been freed cause a lot of people has prayed and fasted for you.
Right now, I firm my vows with you.
I promise smile, every single morning, same shaggy or with bad breath, I promise to pray for us, and for our souls, and our ministery. I promise follow you, and your dreams, and follow the planes of Lord to us. I promise keep quiet, and left, and be your body, your rib a perfect fit.
I promise be fair and faithful, and strong and never discourage you. I promise to be by your side, and listen your recomendattions, and follow your steps, yes I'm repeating follow you.  And same if you go to the darkness, same when this torture me, and hurts a lot, and same when the hope is finishing, I'll double my kness and crying and humiliating me for God I'll ask again for you. So you can see its light once more.
Don't think you I'm doing this for obstinacy, I asked so many times to move on, to leave everything, and forgot, and live my life again. And I wish so strongest to come back to pure, to renove my feelings, to find somebody better, and for everything to be easier for me. But doesn't work well for him, He has his own plan, and my work is take you together to this plan,  whatever the cost.
The salvation of a soul is priceless.

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